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of market research

Make research a conversation

Ask and answer questions using our fun, informal interface and get results instantly.

Upinion - Fast and easy

Fast and easy

Harness the power of mobile. As easy to use as a messaging app, Upinion lets you gather data and feedback anytime, anywhere.

Get instant insights

Find out what your customers are thinking in real time and boost them to a source of intelligent feedback.

Upinion - Free and unlimited

Free and unlimited

Invite users to answer your questions without paying a penny. Ask unlimited questions, get unlimited answers. Invite unlimited numbers of people.

 Make smarter, kinder,
more informed decisions.



Starting a new TV show is always a risk, even if you’re the world’s leading producer of factual entertainment. That’s where Upinion comes in.


MyOrder is an ambitious company that wants to help people to pay for (almost) anything with their mobiles. That’s where Upinion comes in.

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